Tour Surveys

We hope that you had the opportunity to go on the 2014 Portland Open Studios tour and visit artists’ studios.

Visitors Survey
If you did go on the tour, we would like to hear about your experience:
By filling out this survey you will be eligible for a prize drawing. The survey is intensive, but your feedback is incredibly valuable to us as we evaluate what happened this year and plan for next year.

If you did not attend the tour this year, we would like to know why:

Thank you for helping us continue to improve the tour experience.

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PDXOS artist Janet Amundson Splidsboel in Local 14 Art Show

PDXOS artist Janet Amundson Splidsboel’s small encaustic paintings  will be in The annual Local 14 Art Show and Sale at the World Forestry Center in Portland is coming up soon, Oct. 2-5 .

Here’s information on the show itself.


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“Entitled” at Glyph Cafe on October 2

Portland Open Studios artists Betsy LeVine and Suzy Kitman, along with previous PDXOS artists Amelia Opie, Anna Magruder, Carlie Leagjeld, Jennifer Feeney, Quin Sweetman, and Shawn Demarest will be participating in “Entitled”, a 26-artist group show at Glyph Cafe in NW Portland. Please join them at the First Thursday opening reception on 10/2 from 5-9pm.

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How a Writer Defines Painting

Check out Chas Martin’s blog to see what he’s up to getting ready for Portland Open Studios next month.  Chas is Artist #59 on the tour.

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ALCHEMY – Ceramics by Andy Clift

Andy Clift’s beautiful ceramic sculptures will be at Pulse Art Gallery, 328 NW Broadway, #117, Portland all of September. The opening reception is tomorrow, September 4. Be sure to stop by if you’re in the area.

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Aristotle’s Poetics and The Name of the Rose

Aristotle’s Poetics and The Name of the Rose
by Poppy Dully
My altered books are products of discovery, bringing together books and films. A 1934 edition of Aristotle’s Poetics led me to Umberto Eco’s historical novel The Name of the Rose which led me to the film, The Name of the Rose, directed by Jean-Jacques Annand. I loved the suspense of the novel and the director’s faithful portrayal of 14th century Benedictine monastery life. Using the film as my guide, I created 18 monotypes which briefly tell the story in the novel. I printed the monotypes on the pages of Aristotle’s Poetics which plays a major role in the book and film. The monotypes were glued on an accordion book and mounted in the book’s original cover with dust jacket. There is an appropriate quote in the novel, “books always speak of other books, and every story tells a story that has already been told.” My altered books can be seen at 23 Sandy Gallery, 623 NE 23rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97232, , on my website,, and in my studio during Portland Open Studios.

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Donna Cooper at Starbucks in September

Donna Cooper, Artist #19, will have her work on display at the Starbucks at SE Milwaukie & Bybee for the full month of September.  She is busy putting on the finishing touches to all the pieces she plans to show.  Check it out at

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Portland Open Studios at Art in the Pearl

Portland Open Studios is at Art in the Pearl this weekend.
Come by and see us at booth D12 on 8th Ave just north of Davis (by the Customs House).
We will have artists demoing all three days.

Saturday August 30, 2014

AM Shift 10 AM to 2 PM

Karl Ramentol – Oil
Stan Peterson – Wood Carving
Stephanie Wiarda – Jewelry

PM Shift 2 PM to 6 PM

Karl Kaiser – Encaustic
PM Shore – Acrylic
Samyak Yamauchi – Mixed Media

Sunday August 31, 2014

AM Shift 10 AM to 2 PM

Faie McGuire – Mixed Media
Selene Robinowitz – Acrylic

PM Shift 2 PM to 6 PM

Chris Harmon – Print Making
Babette Harvey – Clay
Poppy Dully – Acrylic, Mixed Media

Monday September1, 2014

AM Shift 10 AM to 2 PM

Beth Yazhari – Fiber, Fabric, Mixed Media
Jennifer Love – Porcelain
Carolyn Drake – Porcelain

PM Shift 2 PM to 5 PM

Chris Kelleher – Acrylic
Christopher Wagner – Wood
Anne Mavor – Encaustic Watercolor

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Want to feel inspired? Take a class!

I have been making beaded jewelry for ten years and I love using glass beads. I’ve bought Carli Schultz’s creations many times and so was thrilled when I learned she was teaching bead making at Aquila Glass School. What an opportunity to learn from my favorite glass artist!

See more of her work at
Carli will be opening her studio for Portland Open Studios this fall. I promise you won’t be disappointed when you stop by to see her work.
The class was very hands-on and Carli started at the beginning, with how to turn on the gas. I was a little afraid to do this, because I had a little “incident” with gas when I was 18, but it’s really easy – you just have to learn the rules. She spent a lot of time on safety issues in general, like wearing the goggles, which I really appreciated.
Carli gave us just the right amount of teaching, then left the rest of the time for hands on bead making, with her giving hints and reinforcing the basics. She started by teaching us exactly how to make a bead, and spent time with each of us to make sure we got it right. Half way through the class, Carli did another demonstration and showed us several techniques for embellishing the beads with glass made into dots and stringers.

Aquila is a great place to learn about both fusing glass and torch working. Check out their website at . One of the great things about taking a class at Aquila is that once you have taken a class you are welcome back there any time to use the studio. They will also cool your beads down and fire them for you.











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Encaustic watercolor by Ann Mavor

“Inspired by photos of ancient monuments in Europe and New England, my goal is to express the tender and deep connections between humans and the places and cultures in which they live. In particular, my work is a love affair with the places my family has been connected to over time in an effort to find connection for myself. To reference time passing, I developed a painting technique that blends the fragile transparency of watercolors with the luminosity and depth of encaustic.”

Don’t miss seeing Ann Mavor’s encaustic watercolor paintings from her Mounds and Stones series.  They will be included in a three person show at The Art Gallery at Lower Columbia College in Longview, WA. from September 24-October 17, 2014. The other artists are Al Crane and Chia Hui ‘Tracy’ Shen. The reception is Tuesday, September 23, 2014, 4-6 pm.

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