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2011 Portland Open Studios application starts mid January, 2011

Each image is labeled by its title and medium(s), the artist's name and the map number in the Tour Guide, and a list of all the mediums the artist works in. If the artist has a website, the name will link you there.

Elements, kiln formed and cold worked glass
Morgan Madison 43
Medium(s): glass

Honor Student, oil on canvas
Anna Magruder 64
Medium(s): oil

Park Bench, watercolor
Deborah Marble 10
Medium(s): watercolor & gouache

Flailing Legs, woodfired stoneware
Amy Maule 40
Medium(s): ceramic, jewelry, sculpture

Geode Bowl Series #9, fused glass
Dennis McConnell 50
Medium(s): glass

Red Bromeliad, pastels
Denise McDonald 28
Medium(s): pastel, printmaking

Winter Trees, dry pastel on sanded paper
Andrea McFarland 51
Medium(s): pastel

Grandpa Kendall Rides Again, wood and metal
Robert McWilliams 87
Medium(s): wood, metal, found objects

The Art of Learning #4, acrylic, charcoal pencil over paper collage
Katherine Mead 13
Medium(s): mixed media 2D, collage, oil

In Sight, crocheted wire, found objects, painted wood
Bonnie Meltzer 47
Read Bonnie's profile on the blog
Medium(s): mixed media 3D, fiber & fabric, found objects

5 French Trees, oil painting on paper
Annie Meyer 76
Medium(s): oil, printmaking, ceramic

Greasing Hawthorne Bridge, oil on paper
Christopher Mooney 9
Medium(s): oil

The Not So Shy Violets, paste paper on canvas with acrylic
Ann Munson 4
Medium(s): mixed media 2D