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Shyama Helin Map #39

Melting Light
acrylic paint on canvas
16″ x 16″

Approaching Light
acrylic paint on canvas
30″ x 24″

Shine a Light on It
acrylic paint on canvas
30″ x 30″

I am an emerging artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. As a child I was given the opportunity to draw and paint as much as possible and because I showed an early interest in art, I received private lessons throughout my schooling – gaining a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Sentimental reflection is a key element in my artwork. I mix characters with abstract and expressive elements to give a sense of mystery and ambiguity – hoping to enhance the viewer’s intrigue. While my own idea of a story is woven into each piece, I strive to create work that is abstract enough to leave room for each viewer’s own interpretation.


Media: acrylic

Wheelchair Accessible Studio