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Kindra Crick Map #21

Infectious Ideas
encaustic, collagraph, monoprint with chine colle
21″ x 21″

Unboound I
encaustic, gouache, graphite on birch
24″ x 18″

Unbound II
encaustic, gouache, graphite on birch panel
24″ x 18″

The foundation of my work begins with a question, first expressed as notes or drawings. Themes that emerge are those regarding the science and symbolism of love, empathy, and memory. Images and mark-making build upon each other in layers, creating a history to dig back into, to bury or reveal.  Through these explorations into current scientific research and into the layers of a painting, I enjoy unearthing moments for discovery. In my mixed-media paintings, the rich surface texture and complex veils imply the elusive, while scientific imagery hint at the quantifiable and rational.  My goal as a science-based artist is to invite the viewer to examine an alternative way to experience the wonders of biology as well as science’s quest to better understand ourselves.

Crick has exhibited nationally, was a recipient of a RACC Grant for a solo show in Washington D.C., and has shown at the New York Hall of Science. Her work is in private collections in London and throughout the US.


Media: encaustic, mixed media 2D

Wheelchair Accessible Studio