Serena Barton

Community 7: Southeast Portland, Map # 78

Words from the Artist

I may be an archeologist at heart. I love layers and strata that evoke history and transition. I’m interested in what’s underneath the surface of things. I think of the remains of Shakespeare’s theatre unearthed, and a King of England found buried under a parking lot. Creating intuitive abstracts with oil and cold wax also uncovers my emotions as I take a journey into a new place without a map. Whatever is going on inside me is sure to become visible in my work. The layers, colors, and textures of a piece contain my history and my dreams. My wish is to connect with the viewer of my work, sharing what is unsayable. In addition to working on wood panels, I work on Arches Oil Paper. I create multiple layers of texture with palette knives, rubber squeegees, and a variety of household tools such as basting brushes, rubber jar openers, plastic combs, pastry blenders and potato mashers. I build up many layers, incise, scribble, and scrape back, allowing each piece to tell its own story.

Media: Encaustic, Oil

Wheelchair Accessible: No