Sherri Aytche

Community 7: Southeast Portland, Map # 90

Words from the Artist

I found my way to clay soon after moving to Portland from New York City. I am a city girl, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I found working with clay to be a bridge to connect me to my new West Coast residence. An education major focused on counseling, clay became a metaphor for life for me. As a clinical specialist, I found myself making vessels and containers to symbolically hold the stories and experiences that we hold inside and sometimes choose to share with the world. I enjoy creating ‘safe’ spaces, whether it’s a vase to hold a beautiful bouquet, or functional dinner ware plates, bowls, and cups to hold memories and experiences. I am drawn to natural colors and simple shapes influenced by culture, earthy, handmade, rustic, elements in contemporary form. Each piece is unique and imperfect which speaks of the human touch. As a hand builder, each piece is made from a slab of red or white stoneware. Imprinting, adding texture and other surface treatments can come at any stage, the clay is formed and bisque fired in an electric kiln to cone 06 a max temp of 1830^. After coming out of the kiln it is then glazed; oftentimes I will wipe the glaze away to expose the clay lying beneath the glaze. Pots are then fired to cone 6 high temp 2232^. I am currently experimenting with single firing for less textured works. My forms range from functional to decorative wall pieces.

Media: Ceramic

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes