Justin Auld


Community 6: Northeast Portland, Map # 69

Words from the Artist

My work explores the connection between art and the developing collective consciousness. Art has always had a reciprocal relationship to what is known or experienced. This leads to its ability to expose a new idea or to report and capture the human experience. Art has kept in step with the insights about our relationship with the physical world. As our understanding becomes more complicated art needs to expand to encompass the experiences that are possible. This has led to the expansion of acceptable art forms as well as materials. The logical destination is where the art world is now, where any materials or approach can be used as a vehicle for art. Today’s art acts as a barometer as to what we can perceive, expressing where our minds are. The consciousness needs to evolve by challenging and growing what we know and perceive.  Art will allow us to pursue the next level of consciousness.

Media: Oil

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes